About us

Outshine The Rest

With a commitment and passion for detailing each car to perfection in order to deliver an experience to "Outshine The Rest".

At T42, we value a long term relationship with our beloved customers which is why we aim to deliver long lasting quality with proper car care advice to ensure your protection lasts for years not months, meeting all your expectation and needs. When your car is in our hands, we assure you nothing but the best.


We provide services to the aesthetics of a car in every aspect and offer a wide range of services to consumers of different needs. We want to provide the best for you and to make your money worth it. Our team of detailers has been properly trained and have plenty of experience to deliver the best results just for you.

Apart from the hands on work, we are able to guide you to understand better on your car's paint and to give proper car care advice afterwards. In every job regardless of the car make, we pride ourselves in putting the best and ensure quality is delivered to achieve the best looking result your car will ever get. Some of our expertise includes: automotive restoration, paint protection products, interior grooming.

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